Terraced house in Istán

€ 475.000,00

Terraced house in Istán

Did you ever wanted to escape to a quieter life, but wondered what you would do, and how remote would you really want to be? Properties such as this one rarely come onto the market for sale. This traditional Andalusian white mountain village has a population of just 700 friendly residents. The traditional 3 floor house with 3 en-suite bedrooms, very large terraces and underfloor heating throughout, sits on a high cliff offering stunning views to the valley below dotted with olive groves, almond orchards, and fragrant citrus trees, as well as panaoramic mountain views on the horizon. The property has underfloor heating throughout. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Andalusia, Istán village captivates residents and visitors alike with its quiet charm. Tucked away in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, this quaint Spanish pueblo blanco offers a serene escape for those seeking an immersion into authentic Spanish life and culture and yet, living here you are less than half an hour by car to the bustling coastal areas of Marbella, Puerto Banús and Estepona. The village is a labyrinth of narrow walking streets winding through whitewashed houses adorned with colorful flower pots, embodying the timeless beauty of traditional Andalusian architecture. Rich in history, Istán showcases remnants of its Moorish past, evident in the narrow cobblestone alleys and the ancient Moorish castle ruins that crown the village. Visitors can wander through the historic center, stopping to admire the 16th-century Church of San Miguel or to sample local delicacies at charming tapas bars and family-run restaurants. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise amidst the landscapes surrounding Istán. The village serves as a gateway to the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, offering countless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching in unspoiled wilderness. In Istán, time seems to slow down, inviting one to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings and the warmth of its hospitality. The village also has a gym, swimming pool and sports centre. The exisiting owners have used part of the property for short term rentals and have a 9.8 rating. This is a great place from where to run your business, for digital nomads, to retire, to write your next novel, compose your next hit, or create your next work of art. It would also make a spectacular restaurant below with the residence above. The property has its own outdoor parking. Let us take you there.


Price : €475.000,00
Type : Chalet / Terraced house
Area : 202,00 Sqm
Zip Code : 28223
Country : Spain
Location : MÁLAGA
Property ID : 194058


Bedrooms : 4
Bathrooms : 3

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