Syrena Design

Exceptional properties require the creation of a unique character that reflects the emotions and bonds that form between our customers and the interiors. So we created Syrena Design company based in Madrid, which operates on the Spanish market. The company, which is part of the Syrena Invest group, offers support in an interior design at every stage, from design until final implementation of residential and commercial interiors.

The range of services that Syrena Design offers are:

interior design and metamorphosis

To propozycja dla tych osób, które chcą przeobrazić mieszkanie, dom This is for those people who want to transform a dwellings, house or premises and need support to find an answer to their needs and a way to reflect their emotions, personality or tastes.

interior design with turnkey arrangement

Comprehensive service, which includes all stages of interior design, from the design, through support in aquiring a renovation team and supervision of finishing works, until the arrangement, including the selection of decorative elements and final decoration.

home staging

It is a proposal for those who prefer a service where Syrena Design specialists prepare a property for the purpose of its fast and profitable sale or rental. They help to discover and highlight the character of the interior so that it stands out from other offers and attracts as many investors as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the range of interior design activities carried out in Spain, please visit www.syrenadesign.com.

Are you interested in our offer? Call +48 882 119 122 or +48 600 870 062

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